Gøran Bolme balanserer på slackline


  • When you arrive in Trollheimen, I will most likely be your host and travel buddy. I’m a nature manager who likes fishing, hunting and spending time outside and takes interest in birds, animals and plants.
  • I’m happy to tell stories and sing you songs by the campfire at night (or by the fireplace if we’re indoors). I’m looking forward to explore Trollheimen with you!

About us

iTrollheimen is a company in Rindal, Norway. The mountain landscape of Trollheimen is our office.

We want to bring you adventures and a feeling of mastery through activities in and with nature

Gøran Bolme is entertaining

Courses, lectures and causeries

Background – Gøran Bolme

2012-2014 Master of science in Nature Management, NMBU

2012 Training in electrofishing

2012-2014 Project research associate: Mountain fishing in Trollheimen

2009–2012 Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife management, HINT Steinkjer

2011 One year study: Nature and cultural heritage, HINT Steinkjer

2011 Bird studies

2011 Bird valuator

2010–2011 Looking after sheep in Trollheimen

Gøran Bolme enjoys the view with binoculars in Trollheimen