Bachelor/bachelorette parties and school classes

Team building activities


Not so much bright neon lights on this adventure, but we promise a pleasant experience with colleagues or friends. It even works well for bachelor/bachelorette parties and school classes.
This friendly competition is suitable for everyone – even in high heels. You will be given tasks as a team, and everyone then contributes to get the best possible result.

The great thing about this team building competition is that it’s mobile. You can come to Trollheimen to get this experience, or we bring it to a location of your choice.

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A Very Special Comedy Evening

Everything has been done before, or so the saying goes. Well – this might be an exception to that rule.

This event is called “Galskapens natur” in Norwegian. Directly translated, it means The Nature of Craziness. The comedy evening is the ultimate combination of comedy, local food, hiking and other activities in nature. We’ve created a program featuring professional Norwegian comedians, and serve a delicious three-course dinner.

When joining the comedy evening, expect surprises around every corner.

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